What Is a Crisis Intervention Specialist?

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As a crisis intervention specialist, you will work with individuals with mental, emotional, or substance use disorders who are experiencing a crisis and need immediate attention. It is a short-term management technique that reduces the risk of harm to the individual and assesses their immediate needs to provide them with the right type of care. Crisis intervention careers pay an average salary of $38,500 to $51,000/year, with higher salaries for those with a master’s degree and specific licensing.    

The Behavioral Health Jobs website specializes in the healthcare industry and is updated daily with new jobs for entry, mid, and senior-level healthcare positions. Crisis intervention jobs are in high demand across the country, with a 22% expected job growth over the next five years. That means each year, you can expect many new jobs for crisis intervention counselors. To see all of the available crisis intervention specialist job openings near you, check out the Behavioral Health Jobs website to begin a new career search.    

What Is a Crisis Intervention Specialist?   

A crisis intervention specialist works with individuals who are experiencing trauma or crises and are at risk of harming themselves via suicide, drug overdose, or other destructive behaviors. They offer critical services and support during the crisis and will coordinate with outside resources to get them the care they need ASAP. This career option requires a number of soft skills on top of a bachelor’s degree in psychology, human services, or a related field that includes:   

  • Active listening skills   
  • Excellent communication skills   
  • Time management skills   
  • Able to express empathy   
  • Can think fast in stressful or dangerous situations   
  • A strong desire to help people   
  • Ability to separate work and personal life   

Crisis intervention specialists play a crucial role in maintaining community safety and mental well-being. Their prompt response to crises can significantly reduce the risk of long-term psychological damage and prevent tragic outcomes. By providing immediate support and connecting individuals to necessary resources, they act as a vital bridge during the most critical moments of an individual’s life. The impact of their work extends beyond the individual, as they also support families and communities through challenging times. 

Common Job Duties of a Crisis Intervention Specialist   

A Crisis Intervention Specialist is a mental health professional who provides immediate and short-term intervention services to individuals in crisis situations. They work closely with clients to help them navigate their current struggles and provide support until they are able to connect with long-term resources.  

Here are some common job duties of a crisis intervention specialist:  

  • Assess clients’ mental health needs and identify the best course of treatment  
  • Provide immediate support and intervention in crisis situations  
  • Develop safety plans to prevent harm to individuals in crisis  
  • Collaborate with other mental health professionals to ensure comprehensive care for clients  
  • Educate families and caregivers on how to support their loved ones in crisis   
  • Maintain accurate records of clients’ progress and treatment plans   
  • Participate in crisis response teams and provide on-call support   
  • Refer clients to long-term resources, such as therapy or support groups   
  • Advocate for clients’ needs and rights within the mental health system   

While this career can be challenging, it is also extremely rewarding to be able to provide support and assistance to individuals in their time of need.  

Crisis Intervention Career Options   

Here are some of the current crisis intervention specialist descriptions and job titles that you can apply for today:   

  • Sexual Assault/Violence Crisis Specialist – This position works with victims/survivors of sexual and relationship violence and provides crisis interventions, short-term peer counseling, and medical, legal, and academic advocacy. Other responsibilities include case management, maintaining accurate and on-time reports, and assisting in the daily operations of the facility.    
  • 988 Call Center Mental Health/Crisis Intervention Specialist – You will work in a call center and respond to incoming calls from individuals who need immediate support. You will de-escalate crisis situations and ensure they are in a safe space with minimal risks to their health. You will also provide mental health information and referrals, develop and implement crisis intervention plans, and reach out to 911 services if necessary for emergency situations.    
  • Families First Worker/Family Specialist – This job will have you working with families and providing intensive home-based family interventions, life skills education, and other supportive services. You will visit families in their homes to perform assessments, write and submit service and safety plans, and provide assistance and referrals based on individual needs.    
  • Licensed Behavioral Health Professional – In this role, you will offer a wide range of psychological assessments and preliminary diagnostic impressions, counseling services, crisis interventions, and case management services. You will collect patient data to develop effective treatment plans based on their individual symptoms and severity. You will also prepare treatment and follow-up programs, perform crisis interventions and emergency services, and consult with team members about patient care.    

If you can think clearly during a crisis and keep a level head, you can thrive as a crisis intervention specialist and help improve the lives of hundreds of people.     

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