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Being paid a fair wage for the work you do is a major concern for everyone in the workplace, especially with rising inflation rates and a rapidly fluctuating economy.  There are several signs you’re being underpaid at work, from not getting a raise with a promotion or a yearly cost of living increase to taking on more responsibilities for the same pay. If you feel you are not being paid fairly, there are several things you can do to change that and improve your financial situation.  

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What to Do if You Feel Underpaid 

According to a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the minimum living wage you need to live comfortably is $25.02/hour or $104,077/year. Today, the federal minimum hourly wage is still set at $7.25/hour. While most employers are offering starting salaries much higher than that in the healthcare industry, there are still several positions that don’t pay a livable salary. The most underpaid jobs in healthcare include nursing assistants, patient aides, medical technicians, and janitorial workers. The most underpaid jobs in healthcare include nursing assistants, patient aides, medical technicians, and janitorial workers. 

If you feel you are being underpaid at work, there are several things that you can do to try and earn a better salary: 

  • Ask your boss for a raise. If they say no, ask for an explanation and what you can do to earn a higher salary. 
  • Complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree 
  • Obtain certification or licensing in a specific field of study 
  • Look for a new job that pays more 

The effects of being underpaid go far beyond not making enough money to put food on the table or enjoy a night out once in a while. Low paying salaries can be demoralizing and negatively impact your mental health and cause an increase in stress, anxiety, and depression. Your job performance will suffer and may lead to getting fired, which will not look good on a resume.  

3 Signs You’re Being Underpaid at Work 

Recognizing the signs you are being underpaid at work is not as simple as most people think. Comparing salaries is discouraged and frowned upon between co-workers, and many times employers will directly tell new employees not to discuss their salaries with others. If everyone was paid fairly, there would be no reason to hide what people make.  

Here are three signs you’re being underpaid at work: 

  1. A lack of performance reviews – Most companies will conduct a performance review once or twice a year to evaluate your performance and reward quality work. If you do not get a raise during a performance review, ask what you can do to earn more by the next review. 
  2. A co-worker with the same education and work experience is paid more – Entry-level positions should pay the same amount for all workers, but that is sometimes not the case. If you have the same qualifications and experience as other employees, your pay should be the same. If it is not, ask for an explanation of why you were given a lower starting wage. 
  3. A high turnover rate in the company –  Some of the reasons for high turnover rates include low pay, a poor work environment/culture, and a lack of career advancement. When interviewing for a new job, ask about their retention rates and what they are doing if they have a high turnover rate. 

There are many negative effects of being underpaid. Underpaid employees will experience a lack of motivation, low morale, and decreased work performance. All of this can lead to your boss having another excuse not to increase your pay and keep more money in their pockets. 

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