How to Manage Working with a Difficult Boss

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Dealing with a difficult boss can make the work day more stressful and can negatively impact your work performance and overall happiness and well-being. In an ideal world, your boss is there to encourage and motivate you to be your best and excel in your line of work. Unfortunately, the job market is far from perfect and many bosses lack the leadership and people skills to lead effectively. If leaving the company is not an option, there are several ways that you can manage working with a bad boss. 

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The Warning Signs of a Bad Boss 

Employees will leave due to difficulties caused by a lack of quality management. A bad boss can turn a dream job into a nightmare and cause a decline in your work performance and a negative opinion of upper management. If you think you have a difficult boss, here are some of the common warning signs of a bad boss:: 

  • They make you feel insecure about your work performance 
  • They set unreasonable expectations and goals 
  • They don’t listen to employee feedback and suggestions 
  • They don’t give you credit for the work you do 
  • They frequently lose control or have negative outbursts  
  • They micromanage you 

Dealing with a micromanager can be very stressful in the workplace. It decreases work performance and morale and can lead to employee burnout due to increased stress and anxiety. It will also lead to a high turnover rate, which can increase other employees’ workloads. Employees who continue to work in a toxic environment caused by a difficult boss are more susceptible to substance abuse, depression, PTSD, and other mental health disorders.  

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How to Deal with a Difficult Boss 

There are several ways that you can manage working with a difficult boss without having to quit and try to find a new job. You may love your job, but not the one bad apple that is spoiling the workplace. Here are a few tips on dealing with a difficult boss: 

  1. Learn your boss’s communication style – Men and women communicate differently depending on the situation and the people they are with. Difficulties with a boss may simply be due to different communication styles. Some bosses prefer to communicate via email instead of face-to-face or vice versa. You may need to adjust your communication style to match there’s to reduce any unintentional stress and improve work performance.  
  2. Anticipate leadership problems – If you know your boss is not able to manage a team effectively, make a note of the areas they are lacking and prepare ahead of time. This can eliminate any potential downtime or drop in performance caused by poor management. You can also talk with your boss about the areas they are lacking in and offer to assist in those areas.  
  3. Dealing with a micromanager – If your boss micromanages you, they may not be aware that they are doing it. Talk to them about how they manage you and try to find a middle ground so that you can continue performing at your best. If they are unwilling to change their management style, you can talk to upper management about the issues they are creating.  

A difficult boss can make the best job in the world feel like the worst experience you have ever felt. While there are several things you can do to improve the workplace, sometimes the best option is to find a new job and a more appreciative boss. 

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