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Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of program that combines behavioral therapies with mindfulness practices and is used to treat borderline personality disorders and those with suicidal tendencies. If you would like to learn how to become a DBT therapist, this blog discusses the DBT job requirements and what you need to do to qualify for DBT therapist jobs.  

The Behavioral Health Jobs website is for job seekers who wish to find a job in the behavioral health industry. Our job board contains therapist jobs in a wide range of organizations, from hospitals and mental health treatment facilities to private practices, government agencies, community centers, and other care facilities. We also have an extensive career advice section where you can learn how to hone your resume and interviewing skills, as well as other beneficial tips.  

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Becoming a DBT Therapist 

A career as a DBT therapist is a worthwhile and rewarding choice. You will have a direct impact on improving people’s lives. To do this, you’ll need to complete several years of post-secondary education, gain supervised clinical work experience, and obtain advanced training through DBT therapy certifications.  

Standard DBT Job Requirements 

Clinical positions like DBT therapy are highly technical positions that require extensive education and training before you can diagnose and treat patients. Most positions will require more than a bachelor’s degree and a lifetime of learning to stay on top of new treatment modalities and medications for treating mental health disorders.  

The following is a breakdown of what you’ll need to do to become a DBT therapist: 

  • Education – Earn a Master’s or Doctoral degree in psychology, social work, counseling, or related field.  
  • Real-world experience – Work directly under the supervision of DBT clinicians for 2-3 years, depending on the type of degree you have.  
  • Personal skills – As a DBT therapist, you will need strong interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, resilience, superb communication and listening skills, the ability to express empathy, and other essential soft skills.  
  • Specialized DBT training – Obtaining DBT certifications can increase your knowledge, skills, and earning potential. Lineham Board of Certification offers several DBT certificates for aspiring DBT therapists.  
  • Continuing education – This job requires continual learning to stay current on new therapies, medicines, and other techniques for treating mental health disorders.  

The Behavioral Health Jobs website is the best resource for finding jobs in the healthcare industry. In addition to new jobs uploaded daily, we also have several career tips covering a wide range of topics, like how to be a DBT therapist, interview do’s and don’ts, job descriptions, and other helpful advice.  

Current DBT Therapist Jobs 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that DBT therapist jobs are in high demand, with an expected job growth of 6% by 2032. That means well over 200,000 new DBT therapist jobs will be available in the coming years.  

Here is a small sample of the available DBT therapist jobs that are currently available today: 

  1. Individual/Family Therapist, Contract Position – Working with children, adolescents, and their families, you will provide in-person and telehealth therapy sessions. Job requirements include a master’s degree and AZBBHE licensing. Starting pay is between $42,000 and $54,000/year. 
  2. Outpatient Therapist – Carry a caseload of 24-32 patients, providing individuals, couples, and families with weekly therapy sessions. This position requires strong communication and organizational skills and has a starting pay between $70,000 and $120,000/year. 
  3. Pediatric Therapist – In this position, you will provide individual, family, and group counseling for pediatric and adolescent-aged clients and their families using TF-CBT, CPP, CPC-CBT, and DBT therapies. You will lead 20-25 day and evening therapy sessions each week. Starting pay is between $45,000 and $60,000/year. 
  4. Remote Licensed Therapist – This is a contract position where you will manage a caseload of 10 patients and provide remote care using the company’s evidence-based 8-week program. You will monitor patient progress and work within a team environment to assist patients as needed. Starting pay is $60/hour. 

Becoming a DBT therapist is a worthwhile career choice, well worth the years of school and continuous learning. You will be directly involved with improving people’s lives and giving them the necessary skills to improve their mental health.  

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