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The COVID-19 pandemic has made drastic changes to the job market and has brought back the popularity of work-from-home jobs. Remote counseling jobs are available across the country and allow counselors access to more patients outside their local community. This flexibility enables more people to get the help they need to lead healthy and productive lives. Check out the Behavioral Health Jobs website for certified counselor jobs near you with onsite and remote options. 

At Behavioral Health Jobs, we provide job seekers who prefer to work remotely with hundreds of top remote counseling jobs. Our job database includes jobs at all experience levels and job categories, such as clinical, administrative, and many more. Check out the available job listings for remote counseling jobs and others on the Behavioral Health Jobs website today.

Are Remote Counseling Jobs Right for You?

Remote counseling jobs are not for everyone. Job seekers who like direct contact with patients may struggle with remote work, as will those who tend to slack off without direct supervision. You will need good time management skills and a dedicated space to work from home where you will not be distracted by pets or children. While those videos of kids interrupting virtual meetings are cute and fun, they can be very disruptive and may make some employers rethink work-from-home options. 

Here is what you will need to succeed in working telehealth jobs:

  • A stable internet connection that can handle video conferencing
  • A computer with video and audio capability
  • A dedicated office space that is quiet and distraction-free

Those who are able to meet their responsibilities while working remotely have found working from home to be beneficial in many ways. Some of the most significant benefits of working remotely include:

  • Better work-life balance
  • Comfortable working conditions
  • More time to spend with family and loved ones, and more time for yourself
  • No stress of a daily commute
  • Save money on gas
  • Save money on food by eating at home instead of going out to lunch
  • Same health insurance benefits and 401k, etc., as in-person work
  • Flexibility
  • Improved health with no exposure to illness
  • May solve childcare issues 

Remote work is on the rise, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Read on to learn about counseling jobs that can be done remotely via telehealth. 

Top Remote Counseling Jobs 

The healthcare industry is adapting to meet the need for remote work. Some popular remote counseling job options include: 

  1. Discharge and transition planner – This position provides oversight and implementation of discharge procedures for patients transitioning out of or to another treatment program. You will ensure all documentation is accurate and filed on time and provide consultation on discharge planning and other available resources. This position requires three to five years of clinical experience.

  2. Master’s level mental health clinician – This full-time position requires a full caseload of 25-30 patients. You will provide individual and family counseling services while filing all documents promptly. Candidates must be able to register as an intern or be fully licensed. This position requires a master’s degree and counseling certifications.

  3. Psychotherapist – A psychotherapist performs various counseling services using specific treatments based on the patient’s physical and mental health. They work with individuals and families to develop their treatment plans and continue to make adjustments to their treatment as they progress. A minimum of three years of experience and additional certifications are required.

  4. Crisis line specialist – This position involves helping individuals who are lonely, in crisis, or contemplating suicide. You will talk with individuals over the phone calmly and soothingly to provide emotional support and any information or referrals they need for continuing care. This position is an entry-level role requiring a high school diploma and completing a 36-hour pre-service helpline training program.

  5. College counseling coordinator – This position works with students and parents to build a relationship while keeping track of the student’s academic and personal growth. They will assist in writing reports and preparing documents and materials for counseling sessions. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in education or teaching. 

Behavioral Health Jobs Is Your Best Resource for Telehealth Jobs in the Behavioral Health Industry

Remote counseling jobs are becoming more popular as job seekers are more concerned about a quality work-life balance versus a better paycheck. Remote jobs offer candidates access to jobs outside of their local community and allow them to help more people. If you are interested in telehealth jobs in the behavioral health industry, check out all of the available remote counseling jobs on the Behavioral Health Jobs website. 

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