Finding Jobs in Mental Health in Philadelphia

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In Philadelphia, mental health cases are rising as more and more people struggle with the ongoing pandemic and a generation of workers begin to retire. Finding jobs in mental health is a very rewarding career choice and one that is recession-proof. There will always be a need for qualified mental health workers in every city across the US. Behavioral Health Jobs can help you find a new job or career with hundreds of mental health listings in the Philadelphia area. If you are looking for jobs in behavioral health, check out the available job listings on the Behavioral Health Jobs website.

Why Should You Choose Jobs in Mental Health?

A job in the mental health field can be a good career choice. You will help people through a variety of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders in an effort to improve their lives. While this is a gratifying career, it can be very stressful. The emotional toll on health care workers is extremely high, with an annual turnover rate between 30-35%.

To succeed in such a stressful yet rewarding career, candidates will need:

  • To empathize with all types of patients
  • Have an excellent understanding of the various treatment options for mental health
  • Work well within a team
  • Have superb writing and communication skills
  • Thrive in a high-stress environment
  • Able to separate work from personal life

The benefits of working in the mental health field far outweigh the stress and difficulties that this industry can produce. Employees who can handle the pressure will find a great sense of pride and accomplishment as they help patients turn their lives around. The knowledge that you helped change someone’s life for the better is more rewarding than any paycheck can ever give you.

Available Jobs In Mental Health in Philadelphia

Here are just some of the jobs in behavioral health that you can apply for on the Behavioral Health Jobs website:

  • Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) – As a BHT, you will provide direct care for patients who are struggling with substance use disorders, psychiatric disorders, chemical dependencies, and other mental health illnesses. You will work with a shift director or change nurse to ensure all programs run according to facility guidelines and health regulations.
  • Student Support Counselor – In this position, you will work with students to overcome any behavioral issues impacting their education. You will coordinate with other counselors, staff, and teachers regarding strategies to help each student thrive. In addition, you will assist in crises as they arise.
  • Direct Support Professional – You will work one-on-one with a person living with a disability to assist him with gaining and improving the necessary life skills he needs for a more independent life. You will help with all areas of self-care, health maintenance, decision making, home management, and other needs. You are also responsible for all service documentation and reporting.
  • Group Facilitator – As a Group Facilitator, you will implement trust-building exercises, role-playing scenarios, and group discussions for youths aged 12-18 in the juvenile justice system. You will help them define and understand anger and conflict, manage their aggression and hostility, develop problem-solving skills, and take responsibility for offending behavior.
  • Admissions Counselor – This role is the primary facilitator of all incoming patients into the facility. You will gather all information and assess the patient’s clinical information for admission into the facility. In addition, you will interface with insurance companies, patients, referral sources, and staff to help with the admissions process.

Behavioral Health Jobs is Your Best Resource for Finding Jobs in Mental Health in Philadelphia

If you are interested in a rewarding career in the mental health field, Behavioral Health Jobs can help you find the best career for you. We have hundreds of mental health jobs in Philadelphia and surrounding areas in administrative, management, clinical, and telehealth positions. To begin a new job search for mental health jobs in Philadelphia, check out the available jobs in mental health on the Behavioral Health Jobs website.

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